There is a part of me that wonders whether anyone really sells themselves well in interviews – and whether it’s about time we tried to move away from this very rigid idea of interviewing to fill positions.

I find interviews difficult – no surprise there given the fact that I can’t read body language or tone of voice, I struggle to “read between the lines”, and my eye-contact is practically non-existent. So it was some kind of potential disaster for me to have two interviews scheduled for the same day – within about half an hour of each other.

Even though I am now open about being autistic during job interviews, and how this affects me (trying to find positives as well), I always wonder how much people actually understand and how much they’re guessing. Very few jobs actually want to straight out ask specific questions (although one today did and it was brilliant – very straight-forward and autistic friendly) so it’s hard to know whether people have the right understanding.

What I do know is that many autistic people find interviews as difficult as I do – and given that unemployment rates of autistic people is very high, I wonder if it’s about time that companies start to consider alternatives to the traditional interview. I know some jobs offer trial days – I’ve had a few myself – but these can come with the stipulation that it’s unpaid – which sometimes means they just get a day of free labour. I’m not quite sure what the solution to this is.


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