I was far more successful at interview than I thought and in the time since my last post, I have accepted a job offer to work for a charity helping young people and adults with autism and learning difficulties to access public transport and the community.

Now it’s probably unsurprising given the core issues that many autistic people experience, but the idea of changing from a job that I was “comfortable” in (although not necessarily happy) to a completely new environment and job role.

I can feel the anxiety just beneath the surface – kept away by my focus on essays to write. The problem is I can’t quite focus on the essay either. There’s all these thoughts about my job and my future in education that distract me if I don’t force myself to stay focused. I thought maybe it would help to do some reading on how to help autistic people with learning disabilities access public transport.

There’s not much on it really. I was a bit surprised to be honest. I know there’s always complaints from autistic people online about lack of resources – but I know that there are actually quite a few books out there for autistic adults because I’ve got them. However, books for adults with autism and learning disabilities, and how to help them access the community and public transport? Not so much in the way of books or resources. I’m starting to realise that for all the complaints you find – there are a lot more resources for autistic children, young people and adults who would have traditionally been considered “high-functioning”. For everyone else? Not so much.

I suppose after I have some experience perhaps I will have to fill that gap and write some resources.


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