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Communication Series – Yes/No boards

Word Selection – Introducing Yes/No boards

Yes no board

It is difficult to decide where to start with the area of word/letter selection; and whilst I briefly discussed Facilitated Communication and Rapid Prompting Method and their controversies in the introductory post and therefore could extend on them – I decided it would be better to go with a more positive and practical post.

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Communication Series – Pointing

Teaching how to point


Pointing. It seems so simple and straightforward that most people probably don’t even think about it. It is certainly one of the world’s foremost gestures – and it is quite a universal one at that (although pointing can be rude in some countries). Yet there are some autistic people, especially children, who don’t point, and who do not know to follow the direction of a pointed hand to locate what their communication partner is trying to highlight. Rather than pointing, it is more common to see autistic children taking an adult’s hand and placing it or “throwing” it towards the desired item.

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Sensory Series – Hyper, Hypo, and Thresholds

Hypersensitive, Hyposensitive, and Thresholds


These are terms and words that get used frequently when discussing sensory processing, so it seemed like a good idea to break them down. In the previous post I listed eleven senses that I knew of, and made reference to the fact that a person could be hyper or hypo sensitive to any of those senses. The issues with sensory stimuli can occur in the sensory input (receiving the sensory information), sensory processing (where the brain decodes the sensory input), or the output (where the individual reacts to the sensory input).

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